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Document management, written good management, act organisation, Office and desk order, analogously and digitally

Classei - Records-Management = Ultra Quick Filing
Easy Retrieval and Work Flow System

Lifetime is too short for spending it with time-costly searching

Classei-Archive and easy filing-system

Records-, Documents- and Information - Management  has become essential. Classei as an ultra quick filing and immediate order system offers in addition  Time saving and Space gaining and low costs by omitting unnecessary devices. Information that you need must be at your fingertips. All this includes the Classei-System.
By this you can increase performance and success.


Filing systems and records filing, document management and folder or the paper work management. Whether analogous or digital: The decision for a filing system should have only one common basis. And this is called: Efficiency. Classei order systems have proved themselves for decades making the workflow noticeably easier in office management. Time and cost saving is one side. The certainty having documents, "just in time", ready, when needed is not only calming you down, but also a safety guarantor to administrate the plenty of information. Despite the enormous technological developments and new job organizations a paperless office is not in sight at all. At least, it has not to be an old file-stand or hanging registry ...

Up to 37 working days per annum are wasted senseless because of the lack of control and wrong systems. The document management of Classei as a real practice-oriented complete system shows how it works better and simpler. More organization, less search processes and thus in the end economic


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