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History of Classei

Egon Heimann was occupied in the middle of the 60s in a work for paper processing with the optimisation of manufacturing expiries and efficiency measures. When the document management became more and more problematic, he also examined this area and attached high graduations.

He recognised suspension file cabinets and files fast as protects The time eater because one processes don't put away immediately by the treatment was able. The paper piles in the filing boxes, the "allocation" in Plastic foils and by paper clips were to him a horror he developed with his employees the as easy like effective Organisation system and ordinal system. Compared to the old system if a space profit of more than 50 percent and an overpowering one arose Time profit.

Classei is till this day, so to speak, a "trend scout" in the matter of office organisation and ordinal systems. A self-developed software programme complements the traditional system and is under the name "Carma-Organizer" long ago a concept in the document management without paper.

Since 1981 Classei is in the Chiemgau at home. In Marquartstein(Germany/Bavaria) originate proven and new solutions. A small, highly qualified team is constant in "fiddling" and developing. If you take vacation once in the area, call in, nevertheless, on us. Our customers state, we would have the best cappuccino to the north of the Alps (beside the Classei solutions)...

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