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Classata-File Cabinets

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Classata-Cabinets have a weighty advantage. Each drawer doesn't have two but three tracks. So you have with every drawer movement 50 percent more records in your reach. This gives you an important time profit, because you do not need to open und close the drawers so many times. Classata-furnitures were developed specifically for the Classei-System although they are suitable also for other purposes. Since the Classei-System compresses the records extremely and offers so more space profit, the weight burden is higher than normal. To the compression is added the weight of the third track within the drawers. This means that the telescope rails must be strong enough to bear the high weight.

Classei Cabinet One 3-track drawer alone houses 15 Orga-Boxes, that is approximately 1.58 meters filing storage. One single cabinet requires a stand surface of 0,66 sq.m. A 5 drawer cabinet houses 75 Orga-Boxes. These boxes would be calculated to house roughly 150 lever arch files (ring binders or loose-leaf-files). This would be equal to 3 file shelves, with approximately 6 compartment rows and 8 ring binders per row.

Item No.


Capacity measures in mm weight in kg Package
7002 2 Drawers 30 Boxes B 110 T 600 H 740 87 1
7003 3 Drawers 45 Boxes B 110 T 600 H 957 110 1
7004 4 Drawers 60 Boxes B 110 T 600 H 1224 138 1
7005 5 Drawers 75 Boxes B 110 T 600 H 1538 170 1

Colors of Cabinets:
RAL 1015 light ivory RAL 7035 light grey RAL 3014 antique pink
RAL 6021 pale green RAL 9005 jet black RAL 5014 pigeon blue
RAL 3005 wine red RAL 8014 sepia brown RAL 7032 pebble grey