Office Management
Genial und Einfach!

The famous space scientist of NASA, Wernher von Braun said:

"We are able to overcome gravity,
but the paper load is overwhelming us."

This remark shows, that it is high time to avoid that overwhelming paper load and to adopt novel time and space saving systems.

What you need is an Ultra Quick Filing, Easy Retrieving and Work Flow System, a Records Management System that puts your paper instantly in a neat order at your work station, even before you begin to do anything with your procedures. By that we mean that you need a filing system which is ultra simple and ultra quick so that you can file away all incoming papers immediately without additional bother. It follows that you will have a neat desk with no accumulation of papers. Your records will be organized in such a way that all papers will be at your fingertips at your desk.

While you are working on a subject, you are filing away all new record at the same time. Placing your documents into a Classei-Orga-Folder is as easy and as simple as putting them aside into a filing or wastepaper basket. But with Classei you can retrieve your information easily and quickly if, when, and where it is wanted. It is precisely what you need at your desk in order to avoid being overwhelmed by the paper load. Or do you belong to that group of people who is proud of a cluttered desk and who is unaware that it undermines personal efficiency?

Classei is the very opposite of so called sophisticated systems which all require either very expensive filing accessories or some kind of technology that take much time and space for filing. Lacking a low cost and time saving folder is one reason why papers are handled loosely at the desk. Thus, the danger is great that an important letter will not be found or will be lost entirely. Searching through piles of loose papers is time consuming and nerve wrecking.


indexing The tabs are supplied in 20 colours in pre-cut sheet form, only to be peeled off and affixed to the scale edge of the Classei folder for easiest  visibility. The Quick-Tab is the key to a quick filing and easy retrieval system. Peeling off a tab from the tab sheet and putting it on the edge of the folder  is all that needs to be done to classify and code your records.index-tabs

Have we not learned in the meantime that computers and microfilm are not all what they are claimed to be? There is nothing that can beat an easy retrieval filing system.

Our answer

Classei is our answer. It is so revolutionary as to dare to solve a problem in the most rational, down-to-earth manner. It derives its name from the words classification and Kartei which is German for card-index. It is common knowledge that a card-index is the most efficient medium for keeping a wealth of information in a very small space 'on tab'. Classei, therefore, is a file-index, i.e. the card has become a simple folder, without any trimmings, very thin for the sake of space saving, marked by a simple self-adhesive index tab for quick retrieval.

Classei Container Classei-Quickfile is as simple as an unglued envelope, with side flaps to secure your documents and to ensure a neat order within your files. The side flaps make the folder stable to stand erect, making suspension rails unnecessary.

The Classei-Orga-Box is a container to store the Classei Folders in a vertical manner without the help of suspension rails. It is easy to move and to put in any space - into your desk drawer on shelves, or in cabinets.

The Classei-Orga-Boxes can be placed upon your desk, into your desk drawers or  stored in adjacent furniture, on available shelves, or in special space saving cabinets.