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Office Management
Genial und Einfach!

Gaining by Omitting what is superfluous

Classei does not use anything that is really superfluous, such as paper punch, plastic or metal clips, suspension rails, suspension devices etc.

Win through leaving out
No punching
No binding
No lever mechanics
No clamps
No registers
No folder for lever arch files
No ring mechanics
No cover strips
No suspension rails
No suspension mechanics
No filing baskets
No desk files
No register leaves
No pre-sorting
No inter filing
No re-sorting
What do you use at their place?

Less bulky, but robust Orga-Folders,
Orga-Tabs, Quick-Tabs or Strip-Tabs
Orga-Boxes for the systematic storage of Records Folders.

This effective Records Management System consist of only 3 components.
The Orga box which into ones the Orga folder be put in. orga-box for orga-folders

The Orga-Folder witch contains your documents, notice and other paper to store. Orga-FolderOrga-Folder

The Orga-Tab:
It serves to indicate the Orga folders obviously. Orga-Tab for Orga-FoldersOrga-Tab or Quck-Tab