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Ready Access to every single Orga-Folder

Ready to access We all know that filing is something of a nuisance: We would much prefer to just drop the paper somewhere, anywhere. Classei will enable you to do just that. You just drop the document into a 'tabbed' Classei-Orga-Folder. This folder can be kept in a variety of places, preferably in the drawers or in the neighborhood of your table or on shelves.

Classei-Orga-Boxes may be put flat or upright on shelves so that ready access is possible to the single Orga-Folder.

files in shelve
When you use a special shelve the boxes are tiltable so that you have direct access to the content similar to the desk drawer.

Each Classei-Orga-Folder has a preprinted organization scale. It allows for an alphabetical or numerical arrangement of the self-adhesive index tabs, called Quick-Tab. Making full use of color-coding (up to 20 colors) enables you to develop your tailor-made retrieval system. Preprinted tabs such as A- Z or numerical sequences or names or titles in accordance with your needs are readily available. Access to and retrieval from the Classei-Orga-Folders is very easy and convenient thanks to the multi-colored Quick-Tabs.