Office Management
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Saving time

Sorting and filing away from a filing basket with unsorted papers which is mostly hated by the personnel is totally avoided with all the time profit. Why and how can it be avoided? Because when you are working on a procedure, all accompanying papers are laid directly into an Orga-Folder. Thus you have immediately neat order at your desk and this order remains over all steps of work flow.

This Orga-Folder is the final storage space unit. Additional punching, sorting and time consuming filing to a ring binder becomes superfluous.
Unfortunately, we cannot make any practice-near time profit calculation for you here. You can do this better for your own situation.

In a concrete case, however, we found in a time study that filing away in lever arch files would last 12 times as long as casting off in an Orga-Folder.

Time comparison Lever Arch Binder in contrast to Classei Orga-Folder

graphic of time-saving

Filing into ring binder demands 48/100 min           Laying aside to an Orga-Folder demands 4/100 min

The considerable time profit : 48 : 4 = 12 : 1 = 92 %
That means you need to work only 40 minutes per day!