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Work flow from step to step with Classei

What is the difference between the Classei-Immediate-Order-System and other filing systems, or, apart from the individual elements, what is handled in another way?
The Classei-System has describing names such as IMMEDIATE - or FAST ORDER SYSTEM
or QUICK FILING SYSTEM: What does that mean? It is our experience that processes at the work station are usually handled as loose leaf files, i.e. the documents that belong to the process, are handled as loose leaves which often are bundled with letter clamps, transparent covers or simple covers. Later on when the job is done, the documents are put loosely into a storage basket where they easily come in confusion with other processes. Afterwards, in order to establish a neat order, all leaves are punched and sorted to be filed away in leaver arch files or ring binders.

Is that common sense? While you are working at your desk you have no order in your papers, however afterwards they will be all put in a neat order.

Schematic paper flow in the Classei-System

Workflow with Classei filing system 1  Filing a document in a Classei Orga-Folder
2  Sticking an index-tab (Quick-Tab) onto the folder
3  Inserting the Folder into an Orga-Box
4  Storing the Orga-Box in a desk drawer
5  Retrieving a folder from the drawer to work at it
6  After closing the file storing it in a cabinet for easy retrieval
7  Finally it is send to a limb shelve and
8  then to the waste basket
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